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12th January – 6:30pm

Lactoferrin – The Multi-talent for our Immune System

By Kira Schemer

This webinar will discuss the therapeutic applications of lactoferrin for immune and gut health as well as chronic inflammation-driven iron deficiency.

21st February – 6:30pm

The Histamine-Gut Microbiome Connection

By Kiran Krishnan

This webinar will unpack how to support clients presenting with symptoms associated with poor gut function, looking specifically at the histamine-gut connection.

9th March – 1pm

Demystifying Fibromyalgia: A Naturopathic Approach

By Bobby Qureshi

This webinar will be answering questions such as what really causes pain processing to become faulty in this condition? How do polymorphisms, gut disturbances and perceived traumatic experiences contribute to the pathophysiology?


Health Coach Hub


HC Hub

By HC Mentoring Team

These interactive sessions will be dedicated to supporting your Health Coach practice.

This webinar will discuss how to support your clients with their NY resolutions.

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Movement for Healthy Ageing and Longevity

By Claire Farrell

This webinar will discuss the benefits of movement from the point of view of a Health Coach working with women in their midlife.

Catch up on past webinars

This webinar will deepen your understanding the strain specific effects of probiotics.

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Nutrigenomics & Neurodiversity

By Emma Beswick

This webinar will discuss the genetic SNPs relevant for ADHD and naturopathic support for neurodiversity.

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The Gut Feeling: Gut Health and Bowel Dis-ease

By Dr Caetana Varela-Hall

This webinar will discuss various bowel syndromes and the systemic impact of gut dysfunction.

This webinar will discuss mycotoxin testing and interventions for mould related illness.

This webinar will deepen your understanding of perimenopause and give you the confidence to develop targeted support protocols.