Peter Jackson-Main

Peter has decades of experience as a herbalist, naturopath, natural healer, iridologist, and Polarity Therapy practitioner. He established his practice, the Natural Centre in Cambridge, in 1993 and has been running it, along with his wife, helping countless clients with a multitude of health concerns.   

Peter is the Academic Director & Herbal Medicine Course Director at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. He teaches herbal medicine and iridology and has authored  ‘Practical Iridology – Using Your Eyes to Pinpoint Your Health Risks and Your Particular Path to Wellbeing’.

Peter will give a talk on ‘Herbalism and Longevity’.

His lecture will discuss and promote the lifelong and habitual use of herbal medicines as a strategy for longevity, giving especial, but not exclusive prominence to the adaptogens. He will cover:

  • Choosing herbs to address the key mechanisms of ageing
  • Prioritising herbs according to individual constitution
  • A selection of my favourite rejuvenating tonics


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