Graeme Jones

Graeme is the founder and CEO of Nordic Clinic Stockholm. Prior to moving to Sweden, he operated one of the UK’s largest preventive medicine units at Nuffield Hospital and has worked with some of Europe’s leading specialists in neurology, spinal surgery, pain, psychology and physiotherapy at the Bowskill Clinic in London. He has also worked for the London General Practice in Harley Street and a number of other international clinics and companies. 

Gerome has a wealth of experience in the medical field, fitness, rehabilitation, nutrition and clinical research. He is trained in nutritional physiology and nutritional genomics and has a B.A. (Hons) in Sport, Health and Exercise from Durham University and has worked with professional elite athletes in Europe. He is passionate about teaching and coaching practitioners in functional medicine and nutritional science.

Graeme will give a talk on DNA risks factors for ageing and how to counterbalance them.

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