Blood holds the key to a healthier future.

At FunctionalDX we have revolutionised blood testing and health reporting. Our health assessments unlock the hidden expressions and relationships between blood biomarkers, allowing you to see beyond what might seem like ‘normal’ test results and to unlock optimal health for your clients. In-depth analytical reports – the most advanced blood test interpretation on the market –help you identify functionally high and low results that can be the start of dysfunction, long before a clinical diagnosis can be provided. Produced by proprietary software, the reports save you valuable clinic time, allowing you to make targeted therapeutic decisions with confidence and efficiency.

We offer three categories of tests:
FDX Professional – our extensive range of comprehensive blood test assessments with up to 110 biomarkers across a variety of panels. Associated reporting provides assessment of 13 body systems, 7 accessory systems, 14 macronutrient requirements, 14+ nutrient assessments and more than 40 potential clinical dysfunctions. (Requires a centrifuged blood draw).
FDX Essential – a series of non-centrifuged test panels offering a medium range of biomarkers and a slightly slimmed down report. Ideal for those looking for preliminary investigations or for those on a budget.
FDX Index – finger-prick tests with a limited number of biomarkers to be used as stand-alone assessments or to check the efficacy of a health plan.

As well as blood testing and reporting, FunctionalDX provides practitioner support and education, allowing you to improve your understanding of the stories blood tells so you can apply our analysis into highly tailored programmes for your clients.

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