Be 100%

We make on-the-go nutritious mini-meal snack bars containing essential nutrients that are backed by science to support & boost cellular health which is at the heart of all disease and ageing. Our products are made using methods and select ingredients to fit a Longevity Lifestyle Diet.
Our multi-award-winning vegan products are low-carb, low-calorie with no added sugar or oils and contain activated and sprouted nuts & seeds. All ingredients are unprocessed, free from gluten, grains, preservatives, artificial flavouring & GMOs and packed with key minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants needed by our cells.
The founder Monica Martini, a Natural Vegan Chef graduate from CNM combined her love of cooking and knowledge of Ayurveda with modern nutritional science. Her aim was to create clean and truly health-benefiting food and bring awareness around the concept of eating for longevity – living healthily for longer …….as a result, BE 100% was born.

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