The General Naturopathic Council (GNC)

The General Naturopathic Council (GNC) is the regulator for Naturopathy in the UK. To be a competent Naturopath, a practitioner must have completed a standard and amount of training. GNC is the body that ensures Naturopaths have completed this standard of training and agree to abide by a strict code of conduct and ethics.

Alliance for Natural Health

The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) is a UK-based, pan-European and international not-for-profit campaign organisation working to protect and promote natural health care through the use of ‘good science and good law’.

Association of Professionals Disciplines of Wellness Italy

APBD is the Italian Association of Wellness Disciplines Professionals that certifies the quality of the professional who requests to be registered in one of the Lists of Wellness Disciplines and Bio-Natural Disciplines and Techniques. The association follows the guidelines imposed by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, as well as art. 2, paragraph 7 of Law no. 4 of 14 January 2013 on the ‘Arrangement on non-organized professions’

Cyprus Association of Alternative Therapies

CAAT (or CGCAT) is an umbrella body for all complementary and alternative medicine associations in Cyprus, registered by the Cyprus Government in accordance with the Societies and Institutions Law No-57 of 1972, 1973

Association of Professional Specialised Naturopaths Portugal

Founded in 2012 ASPENAT serves the need for public and private representation of Naturopathic professionals and as an arbiter with the State in the context of drafting legislation related to the health sector. Develops and maintains special conditions for the practice of continuing education through partnerships with accredited institutions and organisations on a national and international level ensuring that professional and clinical standards and ethics of practice are maintained for the benefit of both naturopathic practitioners and the public

The Gerson Institute

The Gerson Institute is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the natural therapy of degenerative disease.