Naturopathic Summit

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The Annual ANP Naturopathic Summit.

2-day event with leading UK experts on the topic of Preventive Medicine and Longevity.

24th & 25th September

CNM London – In Person Event

Preventative medicine is the future of healthcare and it is becoming the central focus for proactive practitioners. This year’s summit is not only aimed at giving you the tools to fight chronic disease but also to promote and protect health and wellbeing.

Chronic disease and accelerated cellular ageing go hand in hand but with the right therapeutic and preventative strategies we can expand our lifespan or even turn the clock back. Join us this year and learn how to achieve this for the benefit of your clients, your family, your community, and for your own benefit alike.

Our speakers include:  Doctor Sarah Myhill, Oliver Barnett, Graeme Jones, Christine Herbert, Peter Jackson-Main, and Doctor Robert Verkerk.

Doctor Sarah Myhill will give a talk on ‘Longevity Medicine – How to live to 100’.

Life is all about energy! Almost all disease processes involve mitochondria either directly or indirectly and promoting healthy mitochondrial function is key to a long and health life.

This talk will discuss:

  • Energy synthesis and free radical output
  • The impact of addictions, micronutrient deficiencies, poor glycaemic control, and toxins on mitochondrial function
  • Specific strategies that promote mitochondrial health and unbound energy till 100 years of age!

Oliver Barnett will discuss the role of ‘Mind, Body and Soul in Preventative Medicine’, covering:

  • How our thoughts & emotions influence and determine our health
  • How these thoughts and emotions are inherited from the family system
  • The psychospiritual aspects of illness, how to live for optimal health and prevent disease
  • How to embody the change we wish to see in our patients

Christine Herbert will give a talk titled ‘Chronic inflammation – finding the cause of the fire’.

Chronic inflammation is undoubtedly the underlying cause of most of the chronic diseases affecting most of our patients, including metabolic disease, gut inflammation, allergies, dementia and cancer. Identifying the cause of the fire is the first step to designing a successful therapeutic protocol.

This talk will discuss:

  • The risk factors for and causes of chronic inflammation
  • The body systems key to the inflammatory process 
  • Dietary strategies and herbal remedies to resolve inflammation

Peter Jackson-Main will give a talk on ‘Herbalism and Longevity’.

This lecture discusses and promotes the lifelong and habitual use of herbal medicines as a strategy for longevity, giving especial, but not exclusive prominence to the adaptogens. It will cover:

  • Choosing herbs to address the key mechanisms of ageing
  • Prioritising herbs according to individual constitution
  • A selection of my favourite rejuvenating tonics

Further details to come.

The talks will be accompanied by an exhibition of UK top supplement and testing providers giving you the opportunity to network and get access to the resources that can help you make your practice a successful one.

Delicious wholefoods lunch and snacks will be provided on both days.

Goody bags with product samples and discount coupon codes are also included.

A great atmosphere and and a fantastic feeling of comradery amongst the speakers, exhibitors, and the attendees is what makes our summits special.






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