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Date, time: Sunday the 27th of February 2022 10am to 4pm

Event Location: London 

Venue: CNM London, 25 Percy Circus, London WC1X 9EU



Dr. Jayne Donegan

Homoeopathy works with our innate immunity and healing processes, stimulating the energy our children need to move up their developmental steps and rebalance excesses – emotional, physical and spiritual.

Homoeopathic remedies help to centre babies and children, giving them a core of inner calm and stability which helps to keep them grounded in the increasingly hectic modern world.

This is a 1 day intensive workshop that will cover practical solutions for using homeopathy, teaching you key remedies to support yourself, clients and family.

This is the perfect workshop for Naturopaths, Nutritional therapists, Herbalists and other practitioners and students who are looking to gain a better understanding of using homeopathy alongside their main treatment modality.

You will learn:

  • Key concepts in Homoeopathy
  • Homoeopathic Remedies, including;  potency, what constitutes a dose and application
  • Specific remedies for Fever, Teething, Colic
  • Use of Nosodes for prevention and treatment
  • Dr Schuessler’s Twelve Tissue Salts
  • Levels of homeopathy – Acute, Constitutional, Miasmatic
  • Constitutional Remedies – the Terrain
  • Aggravations and the Split Single Dose
  • What are Miasms?
  • Freeing yourself from inherited taints
  • Healing back through the generations
  • Supporting people through acute viral illness, including COVID-19 and fever management
  • Support children


Dr Jayne Donegan, Specialist Homeopath and health writer with extensive experience in child health, introduces you a range of homeopathic concepts and approaches to health aimed at empowering you to begin treating yourself and your family supportively using homeopathy.

* Please Note: Our ANP policy in regards to event cancellations. Refunds will only be processed within 14 days before event start date. 

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