Books on Longevity and Healthy Ageing

By Tania Pepper for Aeon Books

There are so many elements that come into play when considering longevity and healthy ageing that it is hard to find them all in one book!

However, Inflammation, the source of chronic disease by Christine Herbert, who is one of the main speakers at the ANP Summit, offers a key insight into inflammation which underpins many of the chronic diseases that can affect our longevity and healthy ageing.

Chronic inflammation is the result of many different pathological processes, which can result in a range of conditions from allergies, diabetes to cancer. It also has a big impact on mood and mental health.

Christine’s clearly written and accessible book takes a holistic approach and goes beyond the use of anti-inflammatory medication which only treats the result of and not the cause of disease and can also become part of the problem if used long term. It explains the inflammatory processes, the causes and risk factors and details a wide range of chronic inflammatory diseases. It explores how to treat the underlying causes of the inflammation, in order to get a proper resolution and a return to health, through the use of diet, herbs and natural medicine.

Amaia Dadachanji’s Wild Apothecary takes you on a journey from babes through all the stages of life with stunning illustrations and an invitation to connect more deeply with nature. Written for both herbalists and laypeople, Wild Apothecary is a celebration of the passage through life and how to support it at each stage of the growing and ageing processes.

The Humoral Herbal by Stephen Taylor offers a traditional route to long life as it explores the art of restoring and maintaining health by balancing the four humours of the body. This beautifully illustrated book describes with clarity the key concepts of western humoral medicine, how diagnose imbalances in the humours and how to correct these imbalances through the use of herbs and changes in diet and lifestyle.

Aeon Books will have a stand at the ANP Summit on Longevity and Ageing. We will of course be selling Christine Herbert’s book, Inflammation plus her previous book Sleep, as well as Wild Apothecary and The Humoral Herbal.

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